Keoneloa Bay

keoneloaKeoneloa Bay (meaning “long sand”) is a long stretch of sandy beach on the far eastern end of the Po?ip? resort area.

It is also known as Shipwreck Beach, named for the wreckage an old, wooden fishing boat on the beach back in the 1970s (that has long since disappeared.)

Keoneloa Beach is fronted by The Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa and a county park facility.

Keoneloa Bay (Māhā‘ulep? Heritage Trail)
This sand contains a high level of calcium?carbonate in sand?sized fragments of coralline algae, coral,

clams and other marine organisms, a common make?up of sand for many of Hawaii’s beaches.

The lithified sand dunes that make up the ridges on either end of this bay, along with the rest of the coast, are a result of calcite cementation of the sand dunes and are comprised of wind?blown carbonate beach sand and other materials.

The area along the shoreline is accessible at its south end via a footpath leading from Keoneloa Bay and the Hyatt hotel along the Makawehi/Pā‘ā dunes.

Businesses and community groups jointly prepared an interpretive guide for this trail and sponsor occasional guided walks from the hotel to Punahoa Point.